Team Deepak

Team Deepak
Agency of the Year 2017

Awards & Accolades

Winning is never enough
2017 - We're "Agency of the Year" again 

2017 saw the agency capturing the stage yet again as the "Agency of the Year", this being the agency's 12th  time. We also took 6 other awards to our table in the category of Brand Campaign of the Year, Highest Business State, Highest Business in Jewellery, Highest Business in Education, Highest Business in Government Segment, Best Ad Design - Automobile, Best Ad Design - Real Estate. 

The agency has been reigning since an era as the most preferred Print and Media agency of Central India, and the impression just keeps getting intensified each year with the rising tally of awards. The current tally being 150 National and International awards. 

Some of the most coveted awards that we are proud to have won are: -
  • Summit Creative Award
  • Gold Medal in Creativity 53
  • Bhaskar Kritikar Award
  • Bhaskar Synergy Awards 
  • Nomination for INK Awards and many more